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Effective Non-Toxic Metallic Fire Suppressants. Final Report.

pdf icon Effective Non-Toxic Metallic Fire Suppressants. Final Report. (1879 K)
Linteris, G. T.; Rumminger, M. D.; Babushok, V. I.; Chelliah, H.; Lazzarini, T.; Wanigarathne, P.

NISTIR 6875; 85 p. May 2002.

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Order number: PB2002-105736


fire suppression; flame inhibition; particle synthesis; halon alternatives; iron pentacarbonyl


The purpose of the project was to: a.) identify which metal species would be effective flame inhibitors, and then b.) attempt to find non-toxic forms of the metal which could be used. Very early in the project, however, we determined that metal species-in any form-might not be effective in practical flames. This in itself was a major finding, and hence an additional, most important objective of the project became: c.) determining the reasons for the unexpected low effectiveness of Fe(CO)5 in cup-burner flames