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High Heat Flux Sensors Calibration Using Black-Body Radiation.

pdf icon High Heat Flux Sensors Calibration Using Black-Body Radiation. (150 K)
Murthy, A. V.; Tsai, B. K.; Saunders, R. D.

NIST SP 971; August 2001.

NIST SP 971: "Collected Reports and Publications by the National Institute of Standards and Technology on Heat Flux Gage Calibration and Usage.", 2001.

Metrologia, Vol. 35, No. 4, 501-504, 1998.

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heat flux; sensors; black body


This paper deals with the radiative calibration aspects of high heat flux sensors using blackbody radiation. Several heat flux sensors were calibrated up to 50kW/m2 in the last two years using a 25 mm diameter aperture variable temperature blackbody and a reference room temperature electrical substitution radiometer. Tests carried out on a typical Schmidt-Boelter heat flux sensor showed long term repeatability of calibration within +-0.6%. Plans for extending the present calibration capability to 100 kW/m2 are discussed.