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Heat Flux Calibration Flow and Conduction Facilities: Status Report.

pdf icon Heat Flux Calibration Flow and Conduction Facilities: Status Report. (207 K)
Steckler, K. D.; Grosshandler, W. L.

NIST SP 971; NISTIR 5904; August 2001.

NIST SP 971: "Collected Reports and Publications by the National Institute of Standards and Technology on Heat Flux Gage Calibration and Usage." AND National Institute of Standards and Technology. Annual Conference on Fire Research: Book of Abstracts. October 28-31, 1996, Gaithersburg, MD, 31-32 pp, 2001.

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Order number: PB97-153514


fire research; fire science; heat flux; convective heat transfer; conductive heat transfer


Standard methods exist at NIST for calibrating thermal radiation detectors up to 10kW/m2 using blackbody cavities, and up to 40 kW/m2 using a monochromatic laser source. Heat flux transducers, however, are often used under conditions where convection dominates, where radiation emanates from a source with a different spectral character, or where flux levels exceed 40 kW/m2. The objective of this project is to extend NIST heat flux calibration capabilities to, at least, a limited range of the latter conditions. Convective and conductive heat transfer facilities are being designed and constructed for this purpose.