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Large Eddy Simulation of Wood Combustion.

pdf icon Large Eddy Simulation of Wood Combustion. (1248 K)
Hostikka, S.; McGrattan, K. B.

Volume 1;

Interscience Communications Ltd.; Building Research Establishment; National Fire Protection Association; National Institute of Standards and Technology; Society of Fire Protection Engineers; and Swedish National Testing and Research Institute. Interflam 2001. (Interflam '01). International Interflam Conference, 9th Proceedings. Volume 1. September 17-19, 2001, Edinburgh, Scotland, Interscience Communications Ltd., London, England, 755-762 pp, 2001.


fire science; fire safety; fire research; fire models; wood; combustion; simulation; pyrolysis; computational fluid dynamics; combustion models; thermal radiation; solid phases; cone calorimeters; flame spread


The purpose of this work is to study the coupling of the one-dimensional pyrolysis model to the computational fluid dynamics model for fire simulation. The large eddy simulation of the gas phase flow is combined with the combustion model using flame sheet approximation and a finite volume model for radiation. The model is used to predict the full-scale flame spread in a room with wood linings. The performance of the model is studied by comparing the predicted heat release rate, heat flux and surface temperatures with measurements.