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Performance-Based Fire Protection of Historical Structures.

pdf icon Performance-Based Fire Protection of Historical Structures. (644 K)
Bukowski, R. W.; Nuzzolese, V.; Bindo, M.

Protection of Cultural Heritage Buildings From Fire International Symposium. Proceedings. April 6-7, 2003, Kyoto, Japan, 79-91 pp, 2003 AND Fire Safety in Buildings. Forum 2001 Symposium. Forum for International Cooperation on Fire Research. Proceedings. October 23, 2001, Milan, Italy, Fiameni, C., Gallina, G., Editors, 39-51 pp, 2001, 2003.


fire safety; historic buildings; fire protection; fire models; fire hazard analysis; fire resistance; building codes


Performance-based Regulatory Systems (PBRS) are being implemented in many countries, replacing the traditional prescriptive systems. These PBRS are especially attractive for addressing in a rational way the special needs of unique buildings, and there are no more unique buildings than those of historical or cultural significance. Thus, performance approaches are well suited to finding the balance between the need to protect often-irreplaceable buildings and their contents and the desire to preserve the significant historical or cultural aspects of the building. In this paper the authors will discuss some important considerations in using performance approaches in the development of a fIre protection strategy for historical structures and will cite examples of how this was done in a recent restoration design of a historic theater in Bari, Italy.