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Mixture Fraction Combustion Model for Fire Simulation Using CFD.

pdf icon Mixture Fraction Combustion Model for Fire Simulation Using CFD. (530 K)
Floyd, J. E.; Baum, H. R.; McGrattan, K. B.

Engineered Fire Protection Design...Applying Fire Science to Fire Protection Problems, International Conference. Proceedings. Co-organized by: Society of Fire Protection Engieners (SFPE) and National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). June 11-15, 2001, San Francisco, CA, 279-290 pp, 2001.


fire protection; fire protection engineering; computational fluid dynamics; simulation; equations; pool fires; enclosures; mixture fraction; fire models; fire research


The simulation of fires using computational fluid dynamics (CFD) is challenging because it is difficult to couple the combustion chemistry that occurs at very small length scales with the resolvable hydrodynamic field. While it is possible to create a combustion model that tracks the significant species required to calculate the heat release rate, it is too expensive to construct a grid fine enough to resolve individual flame sheets except in cases where the domain is very small. A method, therefore, is needed to model the combustion chemistry in a manner that can be used at the length scales of the resolvable flow field.