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Passenger Minivan Fire Tests. Report of Test.

pdf icon Passenger Minivan Fire Tests. Report of Test. (417 K)
Stroup, D. W.; DeLauter, L. A.; Lee, J.; Roadarmel, G. L.

Report of Test FR 4011; FR 4011; 26 p. December 1, 2001.


motor vehicle fires; arson; fire data; fire models; fire tests; gas analysis; heat release rate; temperature measurements; experiments


Two fire tests were conducted using a passenger minivan. The fire test scenarios were selected as part of a fire investigation being conducted by the U.S. Department of Treasury's Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms. Heat release rate was determined as a function of time from ignition using the oxygen depletion principle. In addition, the temperatures and gas concentrations inside the passenger compartment were measured. For the first test, approximately 0.317 kg (0.697 lb) of paper was ignited in the passenger compartment with the windows closed. This fire extinguished itself due to lack of oxygen within the passenger compartment. A second test was conducting using 2 L (0.53 gal) of gasoline in the passenger compartment with the driver and passenger windows open. This fire did not extinguish itself; it was extinguished manually with hose lines.