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International Conference on Automatic Fire Detection "AUBE '01", 12th. Proceedings. March 25-28, 2001.

pdf icon International Conference on Automatic Fire Detection "AUBE '01", 12th. Proceedings. March 25-28, 2001. (9288 K)
Beall, K. A.; Grosshandler, W. L.; Luck, H.

NIST SP 965; February 2001.

International Conference on Automatic Fire Detection "AUBE '01", 12th. Proceedings. National Institute of Standards and Technology. March 25-28, 2001, Gaithersburg, MD, Beall, K.; Grosshandler, W. L.; Luck, H., Editor(s)(s), 707 pp, 2001.


FM Global, Norwood, MA


fire detection; fire detection systems

Selected Papers

History of NBS/NIST Research on Fire Detectors.
Bukowski, R. W. European Standards and Certification Procedure.
Conrads, R. Apparatus for Light Scattering Studies of Smoke Particles.
Weinert, D. W.; Mulholland, G. W. Kalibrierung von Brandmeldern im Sub - Mikron Bereich. [Calibration of Brandmeldern in the Sub - Mikron Area.]
Trampe, A.; Fissan, H. Size Distribution and Light Scattering Properties of Test Smokes.
Weinert, D. W.; Cleary, T. G.; Mulholland, G. W. Smoldering Fire Detection by Image-Processing.
Kozeki, D. Smoke Detection in Tunnels Using Video Images.
Wieser, D.; Brupbacher, T. Characterization of Spectral Radiation Intensities From Standard Test Fires for Fire Detection.
Kim, W. C.; Sivathanu, Y. R.; Gore, J. P. Characterization of Spectral Radiation Intensities From Standard Test Fires for Fire Detection.
Kim, W. C.; Sivathanu, Y. R.; Gore, J. P. Is Microwave Radiation Useful for Fire Detection?
Kaiser, T.; Kempka, T. Energy Model in Fire Detection and Integrated Analysis on False Alarms.
Yan, S.; Wang, S.; Dou, Z. New Approach to Fire Detection Algorithms Based on the Hidden Markov Model.
Muller, H. C. Distributed Sensor Fire Detection.
Cleary, T. G.; Notarianni, K. A. Spot and Aspriated Laser Smoke Detection in Telecommunications Facilities.
Gottuk, D. T.; McKenna, L. A., Jr. Strategies for the Development of Detection Algorithms.
Siebel, R. Real-Time Probabilistic Neural Network Performance and Optimization for Fire Detection and Nuisance Alarm Rejection.
Rose-Pehrsson, S. L.; Hart, S. J.; Street, T. T.; Tatem, P. A.; Williams, F.; Hammond, M. H.; Gottuk, D. T.; Wright, M. T.; Wong, J. T. New Type of Neural Fuzzy System and Its Application in Automatic Fire Detection.
Wang, S.; Yan, S.; Dou, Z. New Algorithm for Adaptive Alarm Threshold in Fire Detection System.
Blagojevich, M.; Petkovich, D.; Simich, D. Electromagnetic Compatibility and Radio-Linked Systems.
Dubois, P. Radio Module Characteristics and Their Relevance to Fire Detection Systems.
Schreyer, K. Internet Technology: New Perspectives for Alarm Systems.
Schmitz, G.; Witschital, P. Technical State of 868-870 MHz Radio Modules in the SRD Band.
Silberberg, B. Testing Methods for Gas Sensor Based Fire Detectors.
Linden, O.; Holemann, H. Modular Data Acquistion System for the Measurement of Fire Characteristics.
Krull, W. Response-Time Comparisons of Ionization and Photoelectric/Heat Detectors.
Qualey, J. R., III; Desmarais, L.; Pratt, J. Performance of Mains-Powered Residential Smoke Alarms With a Backup Energy Source.
Smithies, J. N.; Spearpoint, M. J. Fire Emulator/Detector Evaluator: Design, Operation, and Performance.
Cleary, T. G.; Donnelly, M. K.; Grosshandler, W. L. Fire Protection Systems for Traffic Tunnels Under Test.
Maegerle, R. Concepts for the Test of Volumetric Fire Detectors.
Willms, I. Enhanced Residential Fire Detection by Combining Smoke and CO Sensors.
Cleary, T. G.; Ono, T. Diode Laser Multigas Analyzer for Advanced Detontion of Fires.
Bomse, D. Requirements to Gas Sensors in Fire Alarms for Residential Use.
Pfefferseder, A. Rugged LED-Based Sensor for Fire Detection.
Goldmeer, J. Measuring Results of a Combined Optical, Thermal and CO Detector in Real Sites and Classifying the Signals.
Oppelt, U. Measurements for Fire Detection by Mean of Gas Sensors in an Insulation Material Factory.
Grosser, J.; Kubon, C.; Linden, O.; Holemann, H. Early Detection and Distinction of Fire Gases With a Gas Sensor Microarray.
Harms, M.; Goschnick, J. Fire Location Estimation Using Temperature Sensor Arrays.
Berentsen, M.; Kaiser, T. Field Modeling of an Initial Stage of Fire in a
Miyamoto, N.; Someya, T.; Omori, T. Fire Detector Performance Predictions in a Simulated Multi-Room Configurtion.
Cleary, T. G.; Donnelly, M. K.; Mulholland, G. W.; Farouk, B. Fire Sensor Modelling and Simulation.
Gockel, F. Simulation of Smoke Transport and Coagulation for a Standard Test Fire.
Farouk, B.; Mulholland, G. W.; McGrattan, K. B. Sensor-Driven Fire Model.
Davis, W. D.; Forney, G. P. Revisting Modelling of Fluid Penetration Into Smoke Detectors Revisited for Low Speed Ceiling Jets.
Keski-Rahkonen, O. General Approach for Simulating Signals of Scattering Light Detectors.
Rexfort, C.; Kaiser, T. Fire Detection Modeling: The Research-Application Gap.
Schifiliti, R. Development of Fire Detection Systems in the Intelligent Building.
Liu, Z.; Makar, J.; Kim, A. K. Using High Reliability Detection for Fire Service Response in Buildings.
Jones, W. W.; Bukowski, R. W. Open Distributed Fire Detection System.
Li, Z.; Liu, W.; Wang, A.; Su, J. Analysis on Data Stream Model of Network Image Fire Detection System.
Chen, T.; Wu, L.; Fan, W.; Song, W. Initial Development of Improved Aircraft Cargo Compartment Fire Detection Certification Criteria.
Blake, D.; Domino, S.; Gill, W.; Gritzo, L. A.; Williams, J. Aircraft Fire Detection: Requirements, Qualification, and Certification Aspects.
Schmoetzer, K. New Approaches to Aircraft Fire Protection.
Freiling, A. Fire Detection for Aircraft Cargo Compartments, Reduction of False Alarms.
Mangon, P. Cargo Fire Monitoring System (CFMS) for the Visualisation of Fire Events in Aircraft Cargo Holds.
Wittkopp, T.; Hecker, C.; Opitz, D. Two Dimentional Multi Detection Fire Sensor, System Architecture and Performances.
Boucourt, G. Aircraft Cargo Compartment Fire and Nuisance Source Test in the FE/DE.
Cleary, T. G.; Donnelly, M. K.