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State of the Art in Zone Modeling of Fires.

pdf icon State of the Art in Zone Modeling of Fires. (934 K)
Jones, W. W.

Vereinigung zur Forderung des Deutschen Brandschutzes e.V. (VFDB). International Fire Protection Seminar, 9th. Engineering Methods for Fire Safety. Proceedings. May 25-26, 2001, Munich, Germany, A.4/89-126 pp, 2001.


zone models; predictive models; fire models; CFAST; plumes; vents; heat transfer; equations; combustion chemistry; ducts; fans; corridors; ceiling jets


This paper discusses the current capabilities of zone fire modeling. CFAST is used as the example, but as discussed at the end, the fundamental concepts are applicable to a wide range of models, available around the world. While there are aspects of the current model such as horizontal smoke movement that are features of CFAST, the basic conservation equations, methods of solution and idfficulties are common to the whole spectrum of this class of building system models.