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Towards Engineered Fire Safety: A Global Research Strategy for the 21st Century.

pdf icon Towards Engineered Fire Safety: A Global Research Strategy for the 21st Century. (326 K)
Snell, J. E.

Fire Research Development and Application in the 21st Century. FORUM 2000 Symposium. Organized by Architectural and Building Research Institute (ABRI), MOI, and FORUM for International Cooperation in Fire Research. Proceedings. October 23-24, 2000, Taipei, Taiwan, 1-23 pp, 2000.


fire research; fire measurements; fire models; flammability; fire detection; fire safety; safety engineering; costs; fire retardants; fire suppression


Great progress has been made in the last quarter century in fire safety engineering (FSE) and consequently further limiting the burden of uncontrolled fire. Yet, the total costs of fire continue to rise. Rapid advances in technology offer the prospect of exciting developments in fire safe materials, innovative fire retardants and fire suppressants, and advanced, more reliable and intelligent fire sensing and control systems. What will be required to deliver on this potential and do so economically? What are the key remaining scientific, technical, institutional challenges to be overcome in the process? How can a global fire research strategy help accelerate and assure success? What are the likely benefits for those who participate? This paper presents a strategy and plan for addressing these issues within the next 25 years. It offers a revolutionary path to assured, affordable fire safety.