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Silicon-Based Flame Retardants.

pdf icon Silicon-Based Flame Retardants. (3312 K)
Kashiwagi, T.; Gilman, J. W.

Fire Retardancy of Polymeric Materials. Chapter 10, Marcel Dekker, Inc., New York, NY, Grand, A. F.; Wilkie, C. A., Editor(s), 353-389 p., 2000.


fire retardants; flame retardants; polymers; silicon; silicones; silica; silanes; nanocomposites


The number of new articles, patents, and products associated with silicon-based flame-retardant (FR) systems is evidence of renewed interest in FR approaches that do not rely completely on halogens or phosphorus. Almost all forms of silicon have been explored as flame retardants. This chapter will attempt to present excerpts from the various subtopics within the area of silicon-based flame retardants. This chapter is not an encyclopedic review of the literature associated with Si-based FR; instead, we have tried to show the FR behavior and mechanism for the most common Si-based approaches. The following silicon-based materials will be covered: silicones, silicas, organosilanes, silsesquioxanes, and silicates. We will address these materials when used in copolymers, polymer-polymer blends, and as additives.