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U.S./Japan Government Cooperative Program on Natural Resources (UJNR). Fire Research and Safety. 14th Joint Panel Meeting. Volume 1 and Volume 2. Proceedings. May 28-June 3, 1998

pdf icon U.S./Japan Government Cooperative Program on Natural Resources (UJNR). Fire Research and Safety. 14th Joint Panel Meeting. Volume 1 and Volume 2. Proceedings. May 28-June 3, 1998 (2469 K)
Bryner, S. L.

NISTIR 6588; November 2000.

U.S./Japan Government Cooperative Program on Natural Resources (UJNR). Fire Research and Safety. 15th Joint Panel Meeting. Volume 1. Proceedings. March 1-7, 2000, San Antonio, TX, Bryner, S. L., Editor(s), 324 pp, 2000.

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fire safety; fire research



Selected Papers

Japanese Progress and Overview of Building Material Performance and Testing.
Nakaya, I. Material Performance and Testing U.S. Overview.
Kashiwagi, T.; Janssens, M. L. International Round Robin Testing With ISO 5660 Cone Calorimeter (Interim Analysis Report).
Yoshida, M.; Hasemi, Y. Balanced Approach to the Fire Performance Evaluation of Interior Finish Materials.
Janssens, M. L.; Dillon, S. E. Correlations Between Bench-Scale Test and Room Corner
Hasemi, Y.; Yoshida, M.; Hayashi, Y.; Yabuta, T. Formulas for Fire Growth Phenomena Based on Material Properties.
Quintiere, J. G. Fire Safe Materials Project at NIST.
Kashiwagi, T.; Butler, K. M.; Gilman, J. W. Influence of Polymer Melt Behavior on Flammability.
Ohlemiller, T. J.; Butler, K. M. Flammability Test for Flame Retardant Plastic Pallet.
Yamada, T.; Sagara, M.; Kobayashi, T. Heat Release Kinetics.
Lyon, R. E. Study of the Effectiveness of Fire Resistant Durable Agents on Residential Siding Using the ICAL Apparatus.
Grand, A. F. Overview of Research on People and Fire in the U.S.
Hall, J. R., Jr. Progress and Overview of Study on Evacuation Safety and Fire Risk Assessment in Japan.
Ebihara, M.; Sekizawa, A. Research Program to Determine When and How to Include Sublethal Effects of Smoke in Fire Safety Decisions.
Gann, R. G. Fire Safety Design and Fire Risk Analysis Incorporating Staff Response in Consideration of Fire Progress Stage.
Yashiro, Y.; Ebihara, M.; Notake, H. Development of Seismic-Induced Fire Risk Assessment Method for a Building.
Sekizawa, A.; Ebihara, M.; Notake, H. New Developments in EXIT89.
Fahy, R. F. Evaluation Method of Egress Safety.
Hagiwara, I. Progress and Overview of Performance-Based Codes and Standards in Japan.
Tsujimoto, M.; Yusa, S. Developments in PBD Technical Infrastructure: SFPE Engineering Design Guide and Engineering Practice Guides.
Beyler, C. L. Outline of Reforming the Building Standard Law in Japan.
Yusa, S.; Tsujimoto, M. Evaluation Method of Structural Fire Resistance.
Ohmiya, Y.; Yusa, S.; Harada, K. Risk-Based Translation of Fire Resistance Requirement.
Tanaka, T.; Ohmiya, Y. Approach to Efficient System of Building Control.
Takeichi, N. Fire Suppression Research in the United States: An Overview.
Gann, R. G. Overview on Progress of Fire Extinguishing Research and Technology in Japan.
Saito, N. Investigation of Extinguishment by Thermal Agents Using Detailed Chemical Kinetic Modeling of Opposed Jet Diffusion Flames.
Pitts, W. M.; Blevins, L. G. Suppression of Low Strain Rate Flames by an Agent.
Hamins, A.; Bundy, M.; Puri, I. K. Numerical Modelling of Fire and Gaseous Fire Suppression.
Tsuruda, T.; Makarov, D. Fire Extinguishing Effect of Water Vapor.
Ogawa, Y. Suppression Mechanism of Water Mist for Pool Fire.
Morita, M.; Minami, T.; Kikkawa, A.; Kubota, A.; Megumi, H.; Suzuki, H. Understanding Sprinkler Sprays: Trajectory Analysis.
Sheppard, D. T.; Gandhi, P. D.; Lueptow, R. M. Development of Residential Sprinklers and Issues Highlighted by Recent Research.
Kung, H. C. Development of Pneumatic Atomizing Gun for Fire Fighting.
Noguchi, S.; Okubo, S.; Miyasaka, M. Development of Pneumatic Atomizing Gun for Fire Fighting.
Noguchi, S.; Okubo, S.; Miyasaka, M. Preliminary Model for Urban Fire Spread: Building Fire Behavior Under the Influence of External Heat and Wind.
Himoto, K.; Tanaka, T. Systematic Experiments of Room and Corridor Smoke Filling for Use in Calibration of Zone and CFD Fire Models.
Matsuyama, K.; Wakamatsu, T.; Harada, K. Research Project on Disaster Prevention in Town Planning.
Kagiya, K.; Hayashi, Y. Research Agenda for Fire Protection Engineering.
Hurley, M. J. Flow Behavior Under Sloped Ceiling.
Sugawa, O.; Hosozawa, T.; Nakamura, N.; Itoh, A.; Matsubara, Y. Integrating Fire Systems With Other Building Automation and Control Systems.
Bushby, S. T. Multi-Function Sensing for Cybernetic Building Systems.
Grosshandler, W. L. Forest Fires in Boreal Forest: The Alaska Taiga.
Hayasaka, H. Fire Spread by Brand Spotting.
Pagni, P. J.; Woycheese, J. P. Revision of Zone Fire Model BRI2 for New Evaluation System.
Harada, K.; Nii, D.; Tanaka, T.; Yamada, S. Heating, Spalling Characteristics and Residual Properties of High Performance Concrete.
Phan, L. T.; Lawson, J. R.; Davis, F. L. Wind Effect on Fire Behavior in Compartment.
Naruse, T.; Hasemi, Y. Comparison of Combustion Characteristics of Crude Oils Using Cone Calorimeter.
Iwata, Y.; Koseki, H.; Janssens, M. L. Improved Real-Scale Fire Measurements Having Meaningful Uncertainty Limits.
Pitts, W. M.; Mulholland, G. W. Howard Wilson Emmons: 1912-1998.
Pagni, P. J. Experiments Establishing the Similarity of Wall Fire Combustion.
deRis, J. L. Necessity of Design Methodology in the Framework of a Performance Based Fire Safety Design System.
Tanaka, T. Use of Fire Simulation in Fire Safety Engineering and Fire Investigation.
Evans, D. D. Convective Heat Transfer Model for Large Eddy Fire Simulations.
Baum, H. R. Mathematical Model for Fire Phenomenon.
Morita, M. Modeling Fire Growth in Room/Corner Configurations.
Beyler, C. L. Simultaneous Measurements of Drop Size and Velocity in Large-Scale Sprinkler Flows Using Laser-Induced Fluorescence.
Everest, D.; Atreya, A. Flame Length and Flame Heat Transfer Correlations in Ceiling Fires.
Hasemi, Y.; Yoshida, M.; Takaike, R. Behavior of Flame/Plume Flow In and Near Corner Fire: Entrainment Coefficient for Corner Fire.
Sugawa, O.; Tobari, M.