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Convective Heat Transfer Model for Large Eddy Fire Simulations.

pdf icon Convective Heat Transfer Model for Large Eddy Fire Simulations. (712 K)
Baum, H. R.

NISTIR 6588; November 2000.

U.S./Japan Government Cooperative Program on Natural Resources (UJNR). Fire Research and Safety. 15th Joint Panel Meeting. Volume 2. Proceedings. March 1-7, 2000, San Antonio, TX, Bryner, S. L., Editor(s), 449-456 pp, 2000.

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fire safety; fire research; fire simulation; convective heat transfer; fire models; equations; boundary layers


A model for the calculation of convective heat transfer to surfaces is presented. The model is designed to be used in conjunction with the large eddy simulation fire dynamics model developed at The National Institute of Standards and Technology. It is based on the approximate solution of the three-dimensional time dependent laminar boundary layer equations together with self-consistent boundary conditions. The approach involves the use of a suitable coordinate transformation to account for variable property effects in the boundary layer. A brief derivation of the required transformation is included as it does not seem to be in the standard heat transfer and combustion texts.