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Architecture for Discrete Construction Component Tracking.

pdf icon Architecture for Discrete Construction Component Tracking. (297 K)
Furlani, K. M.; Stone, W. C.

Automation and Robotics in Construction, 16th IAARC/IFAC/IEEE International Symposium. ISARC'99. Proceedings. September 22-24, 1999, Madrid, Spain, Universidad Carlos III de Madrid (UC3M), Spain, Balaguer, C., Editor(s), 289-294 pp, 1999.


construction; component tracking; global positioning system; metrology; sensors; real-time tracking; RFID communication standards; wireless data transfer


Accurate and timely identification and tracking of construction components are critical to operating a well-managed and cost efficient construction project. Establishing standards to support identification and tracking technologies has the potential to enable the construction industry to seamlessly integrate work processes at the job-site. This paper discusses on-going research at NIST in the application of field sensors, portable computers, real-time high-precision global positioning, wireless communications, and construction project databases, to develop means for real-time component identification and tracking.