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Computerizing Concrete Technology Knowledge.

pdf icon Computerizing Concrete Technology Knowledge. (408 K)
Frohnsdorff, G. J. C.; Kaetzel, L. J.

Concrete International, 74-76, December 1999.


concretes; information dissemination; interoperability; knowledge based systems; knowledge exchange


Advances in computer technologies during the past decade provide an opportunity to more efficiently exchange concrete knowledge from the knowledge provider to the knowledge consumer. For concrete practitioners to realize the benefits from these modern tools, efforts to develop and adopt consistent methods for representing and exchanging computerized knowledge must be undertaken. The American Concrete Institute Committee 235 on "Knowledge Eased Systems and Mathematical Modeling for Materials" has undertaken the task of improving the exchange of concrete knowledge through the development of guidance and protocols for the representation and exchange of electronic knowledge. Critical areas include concrete terms, database dictionaries, data quality criteria, and protocols for exchanging data, information and knowledge. This paper provides an overview of the critical areas and a knowledge exchange model and concrete areas that will be addressed in liaison with other ACI Technical Committees. Implementation of this model should provide a framework that will allow a higher level of interoperability for distributed electronic, knowledge-bases and improved understanding of the performance concrete materials, products, and systems.