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Advances in Concrete Mixture Optimisation. Keynote Paper.

pdf icon Advances in Concrete Mixture Optimisation. Keynote Paper. (827 K)
Simon, M.; Snyder, K. A.; Frohnsdorff, G. J. C.

Concrete Durability and Repair Technology Conference. Proceedings. September 8-10, 1999, Scotland, UK, Thomas Telford Publishing, London, England, Dhir, R. K.; McCarthy, M. J., Editor(s)(s), 21-32 pp, 1999.


concretes; high performance concrete; materials science; mixture design; mixture optimization; response surface methodology


The complexity of high performance concrete (HPC) mixture designs continues to increase, along with the number of criteria that a particuhu mixture must satisfy. Robust statistical methods exist that can be used to not only determine the mixture for a concrete that meets specifications, but does so while satisfying a number of additional user-specified constraints. Two such techniques are the mixture method and the response surface method of experimental design. These techniques are discussed and compared. Future developments in concrete mixture optimization based upon materials science-based models are discussed.