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Predicting Service Life of Chloride-Exposed Steel-Reinforced Concrete.

pdf icon Predicting Service Life of Chloride-Exposed Steel-Reinforced Concrete. (383 K)
Bentz, D. P.

NISTIR 6327; May 1999.

Modelling Service Life and Life-Cycle Cost of Steel-Reinforced Concrete. Report From the NIST/ACI/ASTM Workshop Held in Gaithersburg, MD. Proceedings. Summaries of Invited Presentations. Summary 2.9. November 9-10, 1998, 15-17 pp, 1999.

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reinforced concretes; chlorides; concretes; corrosion; life (durability); transport processes


A computer-integrated knowledge system (CIKS) provides a means of combining a wealth of information into a coherent system useful to both the academic and commercial communities. For the concrete community, a subject of vital interest is the service life of concrete stmctures. For corrosion of reinforcing steel, the diffusion rate at which chloride can reach the steel is one of the controlling factors in determining how long a structure will last. A prototype CIKS for use in predicting the service life of steel-reinforced concrete exposed to chloride ions has been developed. Starting from the mixture proportioning process, the system proceeds to predict chloride ion diffisivity coefficients and finally to predict the ingress profiles and the time-to-initiation of corrosion for a reinforced concrete exposed in a specific environment. The CIKS integrates into a single coherent system a number of computer models -- some previously developed, some new.