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Evaluation of Seismic Performance Parameters.

pdf icon Evaluation of Seismic Performance Parameters. (565 K)
Lew, H. S.

Seismic Design Methodologies for the Next Generation of Codes International Workshop. Proceedings. June 24-27, 1997, Bled, Slovenia, Fajfar, P.; Krawinkler, H., Editor(s)(s), 151-157 pp, 1997.


performance evaluation; building technology; ductility; damage state; earthquakes; earthquake engineering; seismic design


Recent earthquakes have shown that buildings designed for life safety could sustain severe damage to structural and nonstructural elements and building contents. In the U.S., several groups have proposed performance-based seismic design approaches to produce buildings that will perform during earthquakes in conformance with the objective of design, such an immediate occupancy and collapse prevention. In the design process, the response of structural members and systems are checked against pre-established threshold levels of performance which are usually established by laboratory tests. This paper examines the influence of testing protocol on the outcome of experimental work which establishes threshold levels of structural responses to seismic loads.