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Numerical Test of Air Void Spacing Equations.

pdf icon Numerical Test of Air Void Spacing Equations. (1953 K)
Snyder, K. A.

Advanced Cement Based Materials, Vol. 8, 28-44, 1998.


air-void system; air-void spacing; building technology; concretes; entrained air voids; freeze thaw; spacing equations


Air void spacing equations have been proposed in the literature by a number of authors: Powers; Philleo; Attiogbe; and Pleau and Pigeon. Each proposed spacing equation attempts to characterize the true "spacing" of entrained air voids in concrete. While efforts have been made to correlate these spacing equation calculations to freeze-thaw performance, no test has been performed to assess the geometrical accuracy of these spacing equations. Herein is a computerized accuracy test of these proposed spacing equations. A computer model of air void systems is used, and various "spacings" are measured in the model system. The results of these measurements are then compared to the appropriate spacing equation prediction, along with equations developed by Lu and Torquato.