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Guide and Criteria for Training FEMP-Qualified Life-Cycle Cost Instructors.

pdf icon Guide and Criteria for Training FEMP-Qualified Life-Cycle Cost Instructors. (1933 K)
Fuller, S. K.

NISTIR 6258; 30 p. September 1998.


Department of Energy, Washington, DC

Available from:

National Technical Information Service


economic analysis; energy conservation; LCC instruction; life-cycle cost analysis; training


The objective of this guide is to inform applicants of the procedure to become "FEMP-Qualified LCC Instructors." FEMP-Qualified Instructors are entitled to teach life-cycle costing (LCC) workshops similar to those conducted by NIST as part of the Federal Energy Management's (FEMP) training program to promote cost-effective energy and water conservation in federal buildings. The guide gives an overview of the NIST life-cycle costing workshops, describing how they are organized and taught. It explains the technical assistance and instructional materials FEMP-Qualified Instructors will receive from the NIST Office of Applied Economics in support of any workshops they may conduct. The guide also states the requirements that have to be fulfilled by applicants. Finally, the guide describes the core curriculum of the NIST LCC workshop and gives instruction to aid candidates in preparing lectures for the qualifying review conducted by NIST staff.