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Evaluation of the AP 230 Application Protocol.

pdf icon Evaluation of the AP 230 Application Protocol. (3422 K)
Garrett, J. H., Jr.; Fenves, S. J.; Kiliccote, H.

NIST GCR 97-738; 48 p. September 1997.


National Institute of Standards and Technology, Gaithersburg, MD

Available from:

National Technical Information Service
Order number: PB98-126899


application protocol; building frame; information models; ISO 10303; STEP; structural design; structural steels


AP230 is a proposed international standard for the representation and exchange of electronic data relating to structural steel framed buildings. It is still currently under development and not yet accepted as an international standard. Our major objectives in doing this research are to evaluate the AP230 Application Protocol with respect to US practice and extend it for use in early conceputal stges of the facility design process. In this report, we present the problems we identified in AP230 and propose extensions to solve these problems. This report is organized as follows. In the next section, an overview of AP230 is presented. The third section presents the problems we have identified in AP230. The fourth section presents an alternate model to solve the problems. The fifth section presents how this new model can be integrated with AP230. The last section is the summary of this research.