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Nondestructive Test Methods.

pdf icon Nondestructive Test Methods. (5415 K)
Carino, N. J.

Concrete Construction Engineering Handbook. Chapter 19, CRC Press, Boca Raton, FL, Nawy, E. G., Editor(s), 19/1-68 pp, 1997.


building technology; concretes; flaw detection; in-place strength; nondestructive testing; statistical methods


This chapter deals with nondestructive testing of concrete. Test methods are classified into those to assess in-place strength and those to locate hidden defects. In the first category, the test methods include: rebound hammer, ultrasonic pulse velocity, probe penetration, pullout, break-off, and maturity. In addition, the statistical methods used to implement these strength tests are reviewed. In the second category, a review is presented of visual inspection, stress wave propagation methods, infrared thermography, ground penetrating radar, electrical and magnetic methods, and nuclear (radioactive) methods. The principles of the methods, their advantages and their inherent limitations are discussed. Where appropriate, requirements of relevant ASTM standards are mentioned. A comprehensive list of references is provided. Most of this chapter is based on the author's previous papers and drafts prepared for portions of committee reports.