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Cumulative Seismic Damage of Reinforced Concrete Bridge Piers.

pdf icon Cumulative Seismic Damage of Reinforced Concrete Bridge Piers. (10752 K)
Kunnath, S. K.; El-Bahy, A.; Taylor, A. W.; Stone, W. C.

NISTIR 6075; 132 p. October 1997.

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piers; bridges (structures); reinforced concretes; damage; columns; cyclic load; ductility; energy capacity; experimental testing; low cycle fatigue; seismic damage


A comprehensive experimental study was undertaken in this research effort to investigate cumulative damage in reinforced concrete circular bridge piers. Twelve identical quarter-scale bridge columns, designed and fabricated in accordance with current AASHTO specifications, were tested in two phases. Phase 1 testing consisted of benchmark tests to establish the monotonic force-deformation envelope, the energy capacity under standard cyclic loads, and constant amplitude tests to determine the low-cycle fatigue characteristics of the bridge column. Phase 2 testing was composed of a series of analytically predicted displacement amplitudes representing the bridge response to earthquakes. The results of Phase 1 testing provided information on the fatigue behavior of reinforced concrete and Phase 2 provided data on the effects of load path on cumulative damage.