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Roofing Materials and Systems - W83.

pdf icon Roofing Materials and Systems - W83. (482 K)
Rossiter, W. J., Jr.; Kane, E.

CIB Publication 211; November 1997.

CIB Coordinators' Trend Reports: An Anthology of Future Perspectives, 1-6 pp, 1997.


building construction; roofing (finishes); installing; construction; safety


Membrane and other low-sloped roofing systems are one of the key components of commercial and industrial buildings, and their satisfactory performance contributes greatly to successful building performance. Historically, low-sloped roofing has been one of the most problematic building components. Not only do premature failures resulting in leaks place the roof itself in jeopardy due to material deterioration, but also the consequential damages of leaks can be quite costly both in repair and rehailitation of interior building components, and perhaps in time lost if sections of the building are rendered unusable until the leaks are repaired. On the positive side, major strides to improve performance have been taken by the industry over the past two decades, both in the materials and in the application practices used to construct the systems. At the same time, considerable research has been conducted to further the understanding of roof system performance. The result has clearly been that performance today is much improved over that of two decades ago. Such efforts are expected to continue in the years ahead as a need still exists to further the understanding of roofing performance.