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Department of Energy Air-Conditioner/Heat Pump Test Procedure Update.

pdf icon Department of Energy Air-Conditioner/Heat Pump Test Procedure Update. (1457 K)
Dougherty, B. P.

Heat Pumps in Cold Climates, Third (3rd) International Conference. Proceedings. Caneta Research, Inc. August 11-12, 1997, Nova Scotia, Canada, Caneta Research, Inc., Ontario, Canada, 493-508 pp, 1997.


heat pumps; air conditioner; test procedures; Department of Energy; ratings; seasonal performance; test methods; building technolgoy


The United States Department of Energy (DOE) test procedure that covers residential air conditioners and heat pumps is being revised in a two-step process. First, the test procedure is being updated, reorganized, and made more complete. However, the vast majority of the technical content is preserved, the use of U.S. customary (i.e., inch-pound) units is maintained, and modifications that would necessitate adjustments to the U.S. minimum efficiency standards are bing avoided. The second step is to convert the test procedure to a metric format while maximizing compatibility with comparable standards of the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). Also, modifications passed over in prior revisions because they tended to shift the seasonal performance descriptors, SEER and HSPF, while not greatly impacting the relative rankings among units will receive greater consideration. If needed, adoption of the metric test procedure will be timed to coincide with a planned revision of the minimum efficiency standards.