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Advanced Methods and Models for Describing Coating Appearance.

pdf icon Advanced Methods and Models for Describing Coating Appearance. (808 K)
McKnight, M. E.; Martin, J. W.

Organic Coatings - Waterborne; High Solids; Powder Coatings, 23rd International Conference. Proceedings 23. July 7-11, 1997, Athens, Greece, 307-319 pp, 1997.


coatings; appearance; BRDF; computer rendering; gloss; microstructure; optical properties


The National Institute of Standards and Technology has recently initiated a study to advance appearance metrology. A systems approach which applies technological advances in oprical metrology, mathematical modeling, and computer rendering to the development of new methods of appearance characterization and to more accurate methods of modeling the appearance of coatings and coated objects will be used. Corresponding experimental and modeling research activities will be conducted in four areas: coating composition, microstructure of coating films, reflectance properties, and appearance descriptions. The parameterized mathematical models and computer rendering, when coupled with advanced measurements, will support the capability of researchers and engineers to assess the contirbution of coating constituents to appearance and help design coatings with appropriate initial appearance and durability properties. This paper presents an overview of the planned research.