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Hybrid Reinforced Precast Frame for Seismic Regions.

pdf icon Hybrid Reinforced Precast Frame for Seismic Regions. (1417 K)
Stanton, J.; Stone, W. C.; Cheok, G. S.

PCI Journal, Vol. 42, No. 2, 20-32, March/April 1997.


precast concrete; bilinear elastic; building technology; earthquakes; frame; hybrid; post-tensioned; seismic; unbonded prestress


A precast, prestressed concrete framing system for resisting earthquake loads is described. The system uses both unbonded post-tensioned reinforcement and bonded bar reinforcement. Tests hve shown that its performance is equal or superior to that of a conventional cast-in-place moment frame. Design criteria and code implications resulting from the test program as well as suggested topics for future research are discussed.