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Curing of High Performance Concrete: Annotated Bibliography.

pdf icon Curing of High Performance Concrete: Annotated Bibliography. (12729 K)
Meeks, K. W.; Sarkani, S.

NIST GCR 97-715; 161 p. May 1997.


National Institute of Standards and Technology, Gaithersburg, MD

Available from:

National Technical Information Service
Order number: PB98-104128


concretes; capillary flow; compressive strength; durability; permeability; portland cement; shrinkage


This report consists of an annoated bibliography on the curing of high performance concrete (HPC). The scope of the bibliography is expanded somewhat beyond HPC to examine, in general terms, the current body of knowledge on the effects of various curing conditions on concrete. Also included in the bibliography are publications describing the basic physical and chemical effects of curing, since they will likely be the basis for further technolgoical advancements in rational curing requirements for HPC. Many of the currently accepted concepts and theories related to the effects of curing on ordinary concrete and on the microstructure of cement paste are applicable to HPC. Since curing is closely related to water diffusion through concrete, the bibliography also addresses this topic. Finally, the bibliography includes references dealing with performance characteristics of structural concrete that are influenced by curing. This bibliography will assist those interested in reviewing some of the literature currently available related to curing concrete, in general, and to HPC specifically. It also reviews published articles and reports that address the urgent need for a coordinated research program to define optimum curing practices for the various types of HPC.