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Low-Cost Building/HVAC Emulator.

pdf icon Low-Cost Building/HVAC Emulator. (1613 K)
Decious, G. M.; Park, C.; Kelly, G. E.

HPAC Heating/Piping/Air-Conditioning, 188-193, January 1997.


building/HVAC emulator; building control; emulation; energy management; control system; HVAC system; simulation; simulator; variable-air-volume system


Manufacturers of energy management and control systems (EMCS) have a strong interest in developing new products quickly, minimizing the time required to install and commission new systems, and making sure that new control products and systems work in a reliable manner when installed in a variety of real applications. The last is of particular importance since it helps to minimize the risk and cost involved in bringing new products to market. A building/HVAC emulator is a promising new tool that is likely to assist manufacturers in these areas and to provide many additional benefits.