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Performance Approach to Construction Goals.

pdf icon Performance Approach to Construction Goals. (32 K)
Wright, R. N.

Applications of the Performance Concept in Building. CIB-ASTM-ISO-RILEM 3rd International Symposium. Volume 2. Proceedings. National Building Research Institute. December 9-12, 1996, Tel-Aviv, Israel, National Building Research Inst., Haifa, Israel, 2/1-10 pp, 1996.


construction; constructed facilities; construction goals; performance approach; performance concept; performance standards


The performance approach, because it focuses directly and intelligently on the qualities desired of constructed facilities and enables innovation, is essential to the quality and economy of constructed facilities and the competitiness of the industries of construction. Construction goals, expressing the benefits of improved performance, attract the attention and support of policy makers in the private and public sectors that is needed to focus and fund the research, development and deployment efforts required to achieve the goals. Collaborations in the United States between leaders of the industries of construction and federal agencies responsible for construction- related research and practice have led to formulation of construction goals and the program of performance-oriented R&D required to achieve the goals. Since both the needs for improved construction practices and the enabling technologies are internationally relevant, there are important opportunities for international collaborations in the funding and conduct of performance-oriented R&D addressing construction goals.