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Developments in the Application of the Performance Concept in Building.

pdf icon Developments in the Application of the Performance Concept in Building. (36 K)
Gross, J. G.

Applications of the Performance Concept in Building. CIB-ASTM-ISO-RILEM 3rd International Symposium. Volume 1. Proceedings. National Building Research Institute. December 9-12, 1996, Tel-Aviv, Israel, National Building Research Institute, Haifa, Israel, Becker, R.; Paciuk, M., Editor(s)(s), 1/1-11 pp, 1996.


codes; performance concept; standards


The performance approach in building is not new, it is traced back thousands of years. The performance concept is widely acclaimed and is applicable to both building procurement (design and construction) and to regulation (control), but has not been widely applied worldwide. This presentation provides a summary of the history of the performance concept in building, identification of some problems and limitations to its application and how the performance concept is dependent upon the more traditional prescriptive approach for practical application. It is suggested that, now is the time for rapid increases in application because numerous nations of the world are committing to applying the performance concept to building regulation which will permit and encourage application to innovative building design and construction.