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Group 1 for the Process Engineering Data STEP Application Protocol.

pdf icon Group 1 for the Process Engineering Data STEP Application Protocol. (21015 K)
Kline, S. W.; Palmer, M. E.; Appel, N.; Gilbert, M.

NISTIR 5909; 655 p. October 1996.

Available from:

National Technical Information Service
Order number: PB97-116073


application protocol; process engineering data; process design; process specifications; equipment


Part 231 of ISO 10303, "Process Engineering Data: Process Design and Process Specifications of Major Equipment," specifies an application protocol (AP) for the exchange of process engineering and conceptual design information for process plants. This information forms the conceptual basis for the specification, selection, and operation of process plant equipment over the plant life cycle. This AP supports continuous and batch processes, process simulations, stream data, unit operations, conceptual design requirements for major process equipment, and conceptual process control strategies. This document specifies the scope and information requirements for AP 231 and provides the Application Activity Model (AAM) and Application Reference Model (ARM) for the AP. The document follows the format and clause numbering scheme prescribed for this type of International Organization for Standardization (ISO) standard. The clauses and annexes contained in this document are those required by ISO for Group 1 review and comments.