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Application Protocol 227 Validation Report Version 1.0.

pdf icon Application Protocol 227 Validation Report Version 1.0. (3434 K)
Kline, S. W.; Palmer, M. E.

NISTIR 5875; 86 p. August 1996.

Available from:

National Technical Information Service
Order number: PB97-132104


pipes; heating; ventilation; air conditioning; validation


Part 227 of ISO 10303, "Plant Spatial Configuration," specifies an application protocol (AP) for the exchange of spatial configuration information of process plants. This includes shape characteristics, spatial arrangement characteristics, and design and fabrication information for piping system components, and functional and stream information for piping and HVAC (heating, ventilating, and air conditioning) systems. Also included are shape and spatial arrangement characteristics of other related plant systems that impact the design and layout of piping systems. This report describes the plan for validating AP 227 and the results of various review and validation tasks. This report has individual sections describing the validation of the major components of the Application Protocol: scope and requirements evaluation, application reference model validation, integrated resources interpretation, application interpreted model validation, and conformance requirements evaluation. The validation process has been completed in parallel with the development of the application protocol. Thus, the completion of sections of this document has been dependent on whether the analogous part of the AP 227 document had been completed. This is, therefore, a living document that will be updated periodically as the AP 227 document is updated. This version of the validation report is based on the Committee Draft (CD) version of AP 227.