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Life-Cycle Costing.

pdf icon Life-Cycle Costing. (600 K)
Marshall, H. E.; Petersen, S. R.

Mechanical Estimating Guidebook. Chapter 27. Sixth (6th) Edition, McGraw-Hill, Inc., New York, NY, Gladstone, J.; Humphreys, K. K., Editor(s), 407-417 p., 1995.


life cycle; building construction; costs; air conditioning; sensitivity analysis; mechanical equipment; service life


Contractors and design professionals need practical methods and guidelines for evaluating the economic performance of mechanical systems in buildings. Life-cycle cost (LCC) snalysis is one method for making such evaluations. LCC analysis is used to evaluate alternative systems which compete on the basis of coast. Thus only candidate systems which satisfy all performance requirements (e.g., code, safety, comfort, and reliability requirements) can be legitimately compared using the LCC method. The system alternative with the lowest LCC over the project study period is the most cost-effective choice.