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Test Requirements for Base Isolation.

pdf icon Test Requirements for Base Isolation. (531 K)
Shenton, H. W., III; Taylor, A. W.; Lew, H. S.

U.S./Japan Cooperative Program in Natural Resources. Panel on Wind and Seismic Effects. Joint Meeting, 27th. Proceedings. Public Works Research Institute Technical Memorandum 3387. May 16-19, 1995, Tsukuma, Japan, 81-87 pp, 1995.


base isolation; bridges (structures); earthquake engineering; elastomeric bearings; seismic design; siding systems; standards; tests


In the United States there are currently no widely accepted standards for the testing and evaluation of seismic base isolation systems for buildings, bridges and ohter civil engineering structures. It is difficult for designers to evaluate the characteristics of a given system, or to compare competing systems, since standard test methods and properties of systems have never been clearly defined. This paper describes guidelines, recently developed at the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), for testing and evaluation of seismic isolation systems. The guidelines are intended to apply to any type of civil engineering structure. In this paper the philosophy behind the development of the guidelines is first discussed. Then the guidelines themselves are briefly reviewed, and the three types of tests recommended by the guidelines are described: pre-qualification, prototype, and quality control testing. Finally, future research and standards development activities related to the guidelines are outlined.