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Virtual Cement and Concrete.

pdf icon Virtual Cement and Concrete. (1024 K)
Frohnsdorff, G. J. C.; Clifton, J. R.; Garboczi, E. J.; Bentz, D. P.

Portland Cement Association (PCA). Emerging Technologies Symposium on Cement in the 21st Century. Proceedings. March 15, 1995, 1995.


cements; concretes; databases; expert systems; integrated knowledge systems; simulation models; standards; sustainable technology; virtual technology; education; training


In the past, progress in cement and concrete science and technology has come mostly by deduction from the results of empirical investigations. As the body of knowledge about cement and concrete grows and becomes computerized, so does the possibility of relying more on induction to solve technological problems. In this speculative paper, it is suggested that we can look forward to the not-far-distant day when the performance of cements in concrete will be able to be predicted from knowledge of measured properties of the cement and other constituents, the mixture proportions, and the expected conditions of mixing, curing, and use. It will then be possible to conceive of a cement that has not yet been made -- a "virtual cement" -- and predict the performance of a "virtual concrete" made with it. The resulting ability to investigate the effects of possible changes in the composition and particle size and shape distribution of a cement quickly and cost-effectively will have broad impacts. It should facilitate product development.