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NIST Construction Automation Initiative.

pdf icon NIST Construction Automation Initiative. (10890 K)
Stone, W. C.

NISTIR 5856; May 1996.

National Institute of Standards and Technology. NIST Construction Automation Program, Report No. 2. NIST Construction Automation Workshop. Proceedings. Chapter One: Topical Lectures. Paper 1.3. March 20-31, 1995, 13-21 pp, 1995.

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National Technical Information Service
Order number: PB96-202239


construction; technology transfer; robotics


Before we get started, let me introduce a few key people who have helped to organize this workshop. I would like to thank Ken Goodwin from the Manufacturing Engineering Laboratory (MEL), Kent Reed from the Building and Fire Research Laboratory (BFRL), and Jim Albus and Nick Dagalakis, also from MEL. One of the reasons that we are here is to see where we might be able to go with future construction technologies. I would like to open with the thought that "It's already been done." An I have a video to prove it. [Brief clip from the 1984 movie Runaway, staring Tom Selleck, showing industrial robots construction a high rise steel frame building.]