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Issues in the Field Measurement of VOC Emission Rates.

pdf icon Issues in the Field Measurement of VOC Emission Rates. (487 K)
Persily, A. K.

Indoor Air Quality and Climate, 7th International Conference. Proceedings. Indoor Air '96. Volume 2. July 21-28, 1996, Nagoya, Japan, 49-54 pp, 1996.


indoor air quality; volatile organic compounds; emissions; sources; measurement; computer simulation; equations


The measurement of VOC emission rates in the field can be valuable in indoor air quality research, in evaluations of the indoor air quality impacts of design, and in the diagnosis of indoor air quality problems. Current approaches to measuring these emission rates have been based on a single-zone mass balance and have employed a number of simplifying assumptions. This paper reviews the mass balance theory employed in field measurements of VOC emission rates. Some concerns associated with these measurements are discussed including the assumption of equilibrium VOC concentrations and the neglect of adsorption and desorption of VOC on building surfaces. Computer simulations are described that provide an order-of-magnitude assessment of the impacts of these issues.