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Towards Prediction of Building Service Life: The Standards Imperative.

pdf icon Towards Prediction of Building Service Life: The Standards Imperative. (603 K)
Frohnsdorff, G. J. C.; Martin, J. W.

Durability of Building Materials and Components. International Conference, 7th. Chapter 147. Volume 2. Testing, Design and Standardization. Proceedings. May 19-23, 1996, Stockholm, Sweden, E. & F. N. Spon, New York, Sjostrom, C., Editor(s), 1417-1428 pp, 1996.


building materials; computer integrated knowledge systems; design life; performance concept; reliability based standards; service life prediction; standardization; standards


Twenty years ago, predicting the service lives of building materials and components was only a distant vision. Today, the possibility of incorporating predictions of service lives of materials and components into the design process for whole buildings is being given serious attention. The change in perspective is due to the sustained efforts of a small group of researchers and to developments in computerized knowledge systems and advances in building materials science. This paper reviews progress and suggests directions for further development. It emphasizes that standardization will be critical to acceptance of service life predictions in the building design process. The authors challenge researchers who want their work to have the greatest practical impact to participate in the standards-development process and help fashion the body of standards needed.