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Protective Coatings Research: A Look Ahead.

pdf icon Protective Coatings Research: A Look Ahead. (238 K)
McKnight, M. E.

Steel Structures Painting Council (SSPC). Technologies for a Diverse Industry. SSPC 1996 Seminars. Proceedings. SSPC 96-08. November 17-21, 1996, Charlotte, NC, 9-12 pp, 1996.


coatings; durability; service life; exposure; material properties; methodology


Coatings research has provided a technical basis for changes in coating materials brought about by the development and availability of new raw materials; users' expectations for more durable and easier to apply coatings; issuance of new government regulations involving volatile organic compounds (VOC) and toxic material content limits; and marketing concerns. Further, research results have provided useful information for making improved decisions in related areas, including lead-based paint removal, overcoating systems for lead-containing paint films, worker and environmental protection, and disposal of lead-containing paint debris.