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Application of Chaotic Dynamics to Stochastic Resonance.

pdf icon Application of Chaotic Dynamics to Stochastic Resonance. (150 K)
Franaszek, M.; Simiu, E.

Probabilistic Mechanics and Structural Reliability. Proceedings of the Seventh (7th) Specialty Conference. American Society of Civil Engineers. August 7-9, 1996, Worcester, MA, American Society of Civil Engineers, New York, NY, Frangopol, D. M.; Grigoriu, M. D., Editor(s)(s), 86-89 pp, 1996.


Office of Naval Research, Washington, DC


building technology; chaotic dynamics; Melnikov processes; signal-to-noise ratio; stochastic resonance; structural engineering


For a class of systems with a periodic signal and noise, the improvement of the signal to noise ratio (SNR) achieved by increasing the noise intensity is referred to as stochastic resonance (SR). We show that, for a class of multistable systems, a chotic dynamics approach to SR allows the assessment of the effect of the spectral density of the noise on the SNR. Using this approach, we also show that, for certain systems, the SNR can be improved more effectively by adding a harmonic excitation than by increasing the noise intensity. The latter result may be used to develop a practical nonlinear transduction device for enhancing SNR.