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Survey of Concrete Transport Properties and Their Measurement.

pdf icon Survey of Concrete Transport Properties and Their Measurement. (3289 K)
Martys, N. S.

NISTIR 5592; 46 p. February 1995.

Available from:

National Technical Information Service
Order number: PB95-220489


concretes; transport properties; building materials; building technology; capillary flow; cements; chloride ions; concentration profiles; computer models; diffusion; electric migration; impedance spectroscopy; Katz-Thompson relation; mercury intrusion porosimetry; mortars; nuclear magnetic resonance; permeability; rapid chloride test; sorptivity; x ray tomography


In this report we present a survey of the current knowledge of the transport properties of concrete. The basic theory and measurement methods are discussed. Emphasis is placed on transport properties (or mechanisms), such as diffusion, permeability, and capillary flow, that may play an important role in degradation processes in high performance concrete. It is concluded that standard test methods used to predict the service life of concrete via measurement of transport properties, especially in high performance concrete, are, in general, inadequate or need to be developed.