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Noise-Induced Transitions to Chaos.

pdf icon Noise-Induced Transitions to Chaos. (750 K)
Frey, M. R.; Simiu, E.

Santa Fe Institute. Spatio-Temporal Patterns in Nonequilibrium Complex Systems. NATO Advanced Research Workshop. Proceedings. Volume 21. SFI Studies in the Sciences of Complexity. 1995, Addison-Wesley Publishing Co., Cladis, P. E.; Palffy-Muhoray, P., Editor(s)(s), 529-544 pp, 1995.


Office of Naval Research, Washington, DC


noise (sound); chaos


Multistable systems can exhibit irregular (i.e., neither periodic nor quasiperiodic) motion with jumps. Such motion is referred to as basin-hopping or stochastic chaos when induced by noise, and deterministic chaos in the absence of noise. Deterministic and stochastic chaos have hitherto been viewed as distinct and have been analyzed from different, indeed contrasting, points of view.