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National Planning for Construction and Building R&D.

pdf icon National Planning for Construction and Building R&D. (576 K)
Wright, R. N.; Rosenfeld, A. H.; Fowell, A. J.

NISTIR 5759; 102 p. December 1995.
Order number: PB96-137104


building technology; construction; building construction


This planning report is a resource document designed to provide the private sector with a straw man on a direction and strategy for construction and building research, development, and demonstration to achieve the National Construction Goals, and the products likely to be produced by that effort. The report also will provide federal agencies with information on each other's R&D programs to facilitate coordination of effort. The Federal and private sector plans will be coordinated to form an industry-led National Plan to meet the National Construction Goals. This report provides background on each of the goals, the measures by which progress can be gauged, and research needed. The industry perspective on relative importance of the different goals by the various sectors of the construction industry is reported, and the initial strategy proposed by some of those sectors to provide a platform for the National Plan is outlined.