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Improving the Evaluation of Building Ventilation.

pdf icon Improving the Evaluation of Building Ventilation. (881 K)
Persily, A. K.


Air and Waste Management Association. Annual Meeting and Exhibition, 88th. Proceedings. June 18-23, 1995, San Antonio, TX, 1995.


ventilation; building performance; diagnostics; mechanical ventilation; commercial buildings; evaluation


Ventilation evaluation is critical in building operation and maintenance, in building performance investigations and in building research. However, activities in these fields often do not always employ consistent or reliable approaches to ventilation evaluation. One reason for the variable consideration of building ventilation is the complexity of ventilation and air movement in large, multi-zone buildings and the variability of mechanical ventilation systems in these buildings. Other more specific reasons include the lack of, or in some cases the lack of use of, standardized approaches to assessing building ventilation, the cost and performance limitations of available instrumentation, and a lack of understanding of the available instruments and their use. A project is being conducted at NIST to identify approaches to improving these evaluations, to develop selected ventilation assessment protocols, and to identify research needed to make further advances in the field. This project has included a characterization of the applications of ventilation assessment in buildings, an identification of the objectives addressed by different approaches to ventilation assessment, and a review of existing protocols.