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Improved Model for Simulating Impedance Spectroscopy.

pdf icon Improved Model for Simulating Impedance Spectroscopy. (819 K)
Coverdale, R. T.; Jennings, H. M.; Garboczi, E. J.

Computational Materials Science, Vol. 3, 465-474, 1995.


building technology; impedance spectroscopy


A numerical method for simulating the frequency-dependent impedance response of multi-phase composite materials has been developed. The algorithm takes as input (1) a digital image of a microstructure, in two or three dimensions, of any specified composite material, and (2) the frequency-dependent electrical properties of the individual phases of the composite. An impedance spectrum of any frequency range can then be computed using a conjugate gradient algorithm operating on a finite difference solution scheme of Laplace's equation. Examples are given of the impedance of analytically solvable microstructures, to validate the algorithm, and of a random system, to test the usefulness of two different effective medium theories.