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Highway Concrete (HWYCON) Expert System in the Classroom.

pdf icon Highway Concrete (HWYCON) Expert System in the Classroom. (502 K)
Kaetzel, L. J.; Struble, L. S.

University of Cincinnati. Teaching the Materials Science, Engineering, and Field Aspects of Concrete. 3rd Annual Undergraduate Faculty Enhancement Symposium. Proceedings. July 9-12, 1995, Cincinnati, OH, 7-14 pp, 1995.


Portland Cement Assoc., San Ramon, CA


highways; concretes; expert systems; material science; teaching tools


Expert Systems have proven to be useful tools to aid the decision-making process for the construction industry. HWYCON, a computer-based decision-support system was developed as part of the Strategic Highway Research Program's "Optimization of Highway Concrete Technology". The system was developed at the National Institute of Standards and Technology and is now being used by highway departments throughout the United States. Included in the HWYCON knowledge base is high-level expert knowledge, visual information (digitized photographs and drawings), and reference information for concrete pavements and structures. HWYCON was designed to address three materials-related activities: 1) distress identification and diagnosis; 2) selection of materials for construction and reconstruction; and 3) guidance on the use of materials and procedures for several repair methods. HWYCON has been used in the classroom in an upper-class/graduate course on durability of construction materials. The students used the HWYCON system to become familiar with materials selection issues. A homework assignment could easily be developed using HWYCON.