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Distributed Architecture for Standards Processing.

pdf icon Distributed Architecture for Standards Processing. (1328 K)
Kiliccote, H.; Garrett, J. H., Jr.; Choi, B.; Reed, K. A.

Computing in Civil and Building Engineering, 6th International Conference. Proceedings. July 12-15, 1995, Berlin, Germany, 1995.


architecture; standards


An approach to providing computer-aided support for using design standards in design systems is presented. The standards processing system we developed is composed of five major components that interact with each other using the Internet: standards processing servers which evaluate a given design to check whether it satisfies the requirements of a specified design standard; the standards processor broker which is used by the designer to identify applicable design standards; the evaluation module which manages the evaluation of a design with respect to applicable design standards; the data server which acts as a front-end between the database of the design system and the standards processing servers; and standards processing clients which display the results of evaluation to the designer and support access to the standards processor broker and standards processing servers. By separating the design system from the standards processing activiites, multiple standards can be dealth with by the design system and the design system is insulated from changes in standards.