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Seismic Behavior of a Six-Story Precast Office Building.

pdf icon Seismic Behavior of a Six-Story Precast Office Building. (390 K)
Tadros, M. K.; Einea, A.; Low, S. G.; Magana, R. A.; Schultz, A. E.

Federation Internationale de la Precontrainte (FIP). Proceedings of the 12th Congress. Volume 1. FIP'94. May 29-June 2, 1994, Washington, DC, E16-E22 pp, 1994.


National Science Foundation, Washington, DC


office buildings; high rise buildings; concretes; gravity load; shear walls; structural analysis; structural member design; connections; beams; columns; seismic design; structural systems


As a part of the USA-Japan cordinated PREcast Seismic Structural Systems (PRESS) program, a research project is underway to investigate the behavior of a six-storey precast concrete office building under moderate seismicity. The structure is designed as a 'building frame system' in which the gravity loads are supported by a frame and lateral forces are resisted by shear walls. The gravity load resisting system consists of hollow core planks, prestressed wide and shallow beams, and columns. Shear wall and cruciform panels are the main lateral load resisting elements. Because current building codes in the United States do not address seismic design of precast concrete buildings specifically, a design process for the building system is developed to identify areas where research is needed.