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Standard Test Procedures for Seismic Isolation Systems.

pdf icon Standard Test Procedures for Seismic Isolation Systems. (561 K)
Shenton, H. W., III

NIST SP 871; September 1994.

U.S./Japan Natural Resources Development Program (UJNR). Wind and Seismic Effects. Joint Meeting of the U.S./Japan Cooperative Program in Natural Resources Panel on Wind and Seismic Effects, 26th. May 17-20, 1994, Gaithersburg, MD, Raufaste, N. J., Jr., Editor(s), 97-107 pp, 1994.

Available from:

Government Printing Office
Order number: SN003-003-03297-2


building codes; tests; standards; base isolation; guidelines; seismic isolation; quality control


The Building and Fire Research Laboratory of the National Institute of Standards and Technology is currently engaged in an effort to develop guidelines for testing of seismic isolation systems. A comprehensive set of draft guidelines for testing has been developed and are available for use. The guidelines were developed to be independent of the type of superstructure, and generally independent of the type of isolation system. Three classes of tests are addressed in the guidelines: pre-qualification, prototype and quality control testing. The final guidelines for testing will be developed from the draft guidelines, based on industry feedback of the draft guidelines, and a test program to assess and evaluate the draft guidelines.